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Bing Advertising

Maximize your productivity and increase the effectiveness of your Ad campaign with Bing Ads. Microsoft Windows Live search or Bing is an alternative to popular search engines like Google. Estimates say, close to 20% of worldwide searches are conducted on (around 3.3 billion times a month). Reach out to a wider audience with an added advantage of being on multiple search engines like Yahoo.

We have seen businesses generate leads, gain followers, users and much more using Bing advertising. Timely inserting your ads on web pages that are relevant to you will lead to the success of your campaign. Soppnox will ensure that your Bing account is setup, the ads monitored and reports prepared to give you full insight on the advertising process.

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Grow brand awareness using creative Bing PPC Advertisement

Microsoft Windows Live search or Bing as it is known is a very viable search engine to grow your online reach. Close to 20% of searches are conducted on so there is a huge business opportunity offered.

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And, according to figures available people search Bing 3.3 billion times a month. Advertising on the Yahoo Bing Network also gives you the added advantage of being on multiple search engines. This will maximize your efficiency and increase the effectiveness of your search campaign.

How do we make it work?
No matter what business you’re running, we help you generate potential leads using Bing advertising. By placing your ads on pages relevant to your business we improve the efficiency of your ads. We take the following steps in our process:

We setup a unique ad Center account which you gain access to you account

We prepare the text ads related to your business or products on offer for submission

With your input we decide the maximum amount you want to pay when your ad is clicked and manage the budget

The ad quality and maximum Cost-per-click determine the position of your ad so, we advise you on the optimum levels for those.

We continuously monitor, analyze and optimize the ads. Using Bing Ads Editor, we make necessary edits as and when required for better results.

Clicks, Impressions, Keyword performance and conversions are all part of a report that will be prepared for you to know how your campaign is doing.

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