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7 Ways to Track any CXO Using Digital Marketing

Anil Kumar T

When you connect to a CXO of a company, your marketing strategy must be build upon having a long term relationship between you both. When you approach any high level CXO his mind set is slightly different than the other decision makers of that company. The three main important links to have a good relation […]


5 Ways to Generating B2B Leads Using facebook

Anil Kumar T

GENERATING B2B LEADS USING FACEBOOK According to a recent survey in 2013, the state of inbound marketing reported that the marketers marketing in facebook had a lead of about 52%.  Facebook visitors on the average spend about 28 minutes on facebook which leads to capture of about 10% of all the internet visits. Nearly 50% […]


Google+ the Best Social Media for Your Business Needs

Anil Kumar T

How is Google+ different from other social media? Google+ is now one of the top social media platforms, but this happened gradually with time. It now has Facebook, Linkedin and twitter as it contenders, it is a must have app for your business. Unlike the rest of the social media networks Google + works differently. […]


The Digital Marketing Campaigns of Coca Cola

Anil Kumar T

Coca cola is one of the most branded and reputed company in the world. Spread around the globe in almost every city it has beaten most of the leading companies in soft drink business. With the global invasion of digitalization coca cola had always kept itself updated in every aspect of digital marketing. This article […]


How to Market your Mobile Application?

Anil Kumar T

How to market your mobile application As the world watches the continued popularity of smartphones and tablets, so also we watch the growth and intensification of mobile apps. More than 600,000 mobile apps disappear in the market, and by disappear we mean they have not been updated and is left to fade out. It is […]