Different Types of Facebook Ads


Different Types of Facebook Ads

Anil Kumar T Recently Social Media revenue forecast was released from BIA/Kelsey, a local U.S. media adviser firm. According to BIA/Kelsey, revenues will shift from $2.1 Billion in 2010 to a whopping $8.3 Billion in 2015. That is a huge. And the biggest share goes to facebook. Collectively 295% of hike. Most of the current revenue in Social Media is generated from display ads but according to the firm even non-display ads will gain significant popularity by 2015.

Why Social Media Marketing Matters?

Social media offers new ad model by giving an opportunity to develop deep relationships with your audience.
In this post I focus on Facebook’s ad structure, as it is the most preferred social media marketing platform to advertisers who look to reach niche audience.

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Types of ads:

1. Event Ad - Call for an action ads. You will be able to see what your friends’ response on the event.
Event Ads in Facebook

2. Website Ad – Apparently for increasing the visibility of a website. Unmistakably reaches the target audience.
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3. Page Like Ad – Apparently for increasing the visibility your Facebook page. Unmistakably reaches the target audience.
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4. Offer Ad – Engage Likeminded people’s with attractive Offers to buy
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5. Gifts Ad - When friends give or receive gifts, it’s visible beneath the ad, along with any comments.
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6. Page Ad – These are designed to get fans for page in question. You will be able to see who are the fans of that page amongst your friend list, when displayed in your profile.
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7. Video Ad – This can be played in line. Your friends’ comments are shown beneath the video, just like for the posts on “wall”.
Pay Per Click For Facebook ads

8. House Ad - Facebook fills its homepage by house ads to invite friends to know its feature.
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Specific benefits of Facebook Ads:

1. Facebook allows to geo target the advertisements by country, state/province, and city whereas most of the countries are in the geo targeting list.
2. Option of keyword interest targeting. Depending upon what a user fills up in his interests section while creating the profile, ads will be targeted to a particular user only if keyword is matching with his interests thus narrowing the target audience.
3. Can calculate the ad reach in real time.
4. Have an option to paying for clicks (CPC-Cost Per Click) or paying for impressions ( CPM- Cost per 1000 impressions)