Digital Marketing for Business in 2014


Digital Marketing for Business in 2014

Anil Kumar T

According to the recent survey conducted by Stan ventures on the present state of digital marketing, on 500+ marketers. These marketers where questioned about their Top digital goals for 2014, the challenges they face and the plan for the present year.

They asked the top business to business marketers what their top objective was using digital marketing media. 41% of them told their first aim was to generate leads then 27% of them wanted to drive sales and the rest 17% wanted to improve the awareness of their brand. Then they questioned the business to costumer’s marketers, nearly 40% of them focused on driving sales and 27% on improving awareness and the remaining 18% invest on generating the leads.Retargeting-v1

Marketers spend approximately 75% offline and 25% online in digital marketing. Compared to 2013, in 2014 50% outsource search marketing. Content marketing is given importance as 63% plan to spend on it. 75% of the marketers plan to spend on mobile marketing. In B2B industry, 1 out of 5 people generate revenue using social media and in B2C, 1 out of 3 generates revenue using social media.

The challenges faced by marketers differ from B2B and B2C. 21% of business to business marketers top most challenge is generating lead well enough for their company. B2B marketer’s second challenge is to produce quality content, and 19% of them agree to it and the remaining 18% face converting leads to costumers. 25% of business to consumer’s marketer’s top challenge is to measure the return of investment of their company. B2C marketer’s secondary challenge is to convert their leads to costumers and the remaining 14% face integrating quality content across different channels.

Even now marketers find it tough to measure their ROI. Digital marketing doesn’t give you on the dot numerical results, the results are uncertain for most marketers. The level of clarity and ambiguity of SEO, SEM, Display marketing, social media marketing, Email marketing are as follows:

Digital marketing % Clear ROI % Unclear ROI
SEO 17% 83%
SEM 29% 71%
Display marketing 16% 84%
SMM 12% 88%
Email marketing 36% 64%

The uncertainty in digital marketing is such that 26% of the marketers aren’t sure which channels or media deliver the best leads and nearly 33% aren’t sure which channels generate ROI.
In the survey, marketers tops most priorities where divided into three.

47% Driving increased conversion rates
46% Increasing and improving brand awareness
29% Collecting, measuring and using behavior based data.

There are a lot of challenges faced by the marketers, online as well as offline. With the recent changes in the behavior of the buyers and their raising interest in online marketing and the usage of digital media to get close to the brands and gain information on product and services. Digital marketing has taken a huge leap in the last few years and now marketers have strategized their plans such that they focus on the key areas in marketing so that they get their ROI. 98% of the marketers have planned to increase or maintain their speed this year.
Marketers set aside revenue to invest in marketing; the amount of budget to be invested depends on ROI that they gain afterwards.

Data and analytics 61%
Marketing automation 60%
Email marketing 58%
Social media marketing 57%
Content management 57%
Driving subscriber engagement 65%

Email marketing: 68% marketers souly depend on email marketing and believe that it is the spine their business. 49% send five lakh emails annually and the nearly 42% hardly use responsive design in email marketing.

Social media marketing: 46% marketers believe social media marketing is the basis of theor business. 86% are sure that investing in social media provides return on investment and 57% marketers have an in-house social marketing team for their company.

Mobile marketing: 80% of the marketers investing on mobile marketing are sure that it will give ROI. Nearly 30% use location functionality in mobile marketing and 47% of the marketers claim to have mobile apps for their company.

Trends in the market
Email marketing Emails having social sharing button increase click through rate by 158%
Content 50% companies have content marketing strategies
Events B2B content marketers consider that event marketing strategy to be 67% effective
SEO 33% of the traffic go the first item listed from Google’s organic search resultsM
Social media marketing In the next 5 years SMM budget is set to double