Google+ the Best Social Media for Your Business Needs


Google+ the Best Social Media for Your Business Needs

Anil Kumar T

How is Google+ different from other social media?

Google+ is now one of the top social media platforms, but this happened gradually with time. It now has Facebook, Linkedin and twitter as it contenders, it is a must have app for your business. Unlike the rest of the social media networks Google + works differently. In facebook you have no control over to whom you are sharing your photos, videos, post etc here you tend to over share. Even though facebook invented groups it doesn’t give must clarity as you need to organize your groups and also create new groups and separately put each individual profile into these groups. It is a lot of hard work if you a large number of people in your friends list. On twitter we tend to under share our post as it is public to everyone and people read your post if there are presently online on twitter. It is good way for getting your word out, but in twitter you can’t share your post to a specific group of people like friends, family, colleagues etc for that you need to create a new twitter account. On Linkedin you are limited to the people who you know or who you have worked or other known people, but you can’t contact the people who you don’t know (without the upgrade).

Google+ is the best option to have many people in your account, with the help of circles you can add as many people in your circle as you want irrespective of you both knowing each other or not. Google+ is the best feature for sharing; you can share specific information to a specific circle. Google+ has Gmail, Google search, Picasa, Google docs, you tube etc integrated in it. To make use of such features you will need only a single account. Unlike Facebook here, if someone adds you into their circles it is not necessary for you to add them back. Unlike on twitter, Google+ lets you to post videos, images, links etc without any limit on characters and you can also exclude the people whom you don’t want to see the particular post. The posts from your Google+ account affect your Google search engine rankings and this is beneficiary for you in all ways especially if you have a company page on Google+. In Google+ conversation tend to develop overtime and as you are not limited to the people you know you will get to come across a lot of people who are practically strangers to you. So there is no shying away to post a comment, video, link etc. Google+ s video chat also known as hangout lets you have group chat with many people at once (approx 10 people). Facebook chat is limited to one on one video chat; this boosts Google+ position in the social platform. Google+ isn’t a major in social media but it is the best platform to share information in your circles. Google+ is changing the way we share and gather information.

And how Google+ will help your business?

Google+ for SEOGoogle plus for Business

Google+ will help in better search engine result ranking of your business in Google. Google treats Google+ content just like other pages in the search engine. With your keyword rich content Google will rank your Google+ higher in the search results. Google lets you search Google+ content through its standard search. This helps your business at large as a huge number of people search through Google and as it directs to your Google+ account it is beneficial for you. Compared to other social media, Google+ is content is said to stay longer in the Google search engine. By attaching your Google+ profile URL on the sites where you blog or publish content for your company, this will help show your Google+ profile picture. It enables for people to see your picture even if they aren’t on Google+ and you can claim authorship of the content posted on the page. If a page has Google+ content authority, Google will rank that page higher in the search engine results. Google+ not only helps in increasing your SEO but also social media optimization. If you have posted interesting content in you Google+ or on other sites where you have validated your Google+ authorship and someone with high authorship has shared your content then this will improve your authorship. This will highly help your business as it will show your level of expertise to the public. On your company website, post your Google+ profile page and with the content relevancy from your Google+ page this will increase your search ranking in Google. Try to connect many high quality website content to your Google+ page this will also help your SERP. Similar to twitter, Google+ has hash tags and this serves helpful in the search engines.

Get your business connected to Google+ and enjoy the benefits it will prevail to your company. Don’t lose out on a better search engine ranking for your Google+ page and company website consider Google+.

Google+ tools

Google+ circle help you to add people who you know and also whom you don’t know. These circles help you engage with people who are and can be your business partners, potential customers, investors, employees, friend’s etc. Here the posts can be posted to a particular circle. You can connect with other business professional by commenting on their posts and following their links. On Google+ you can set up contests/coupons and let people engage with your posts. You can contact people who are interested in your business by sending them a private message. Google+ notifications lets you know who is following you, new comments etc. The best feature in Google+ is hangouts; you can use this tool to video call for your business needs. You can video call 10 people at the same time it is equivalent of having a conference. This is inexpensive but an effective tool for you business. This tool is not only useful to talk to your clients for your business but also useful for offices where workers work in different locations. Make the most of Google+ features for your business. It is the best social media network for your business (B2B & B2C).

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