Google gone Social : Google +1 is pretty cool!


Google gone Social : Google +1 is pretty cool!

Anil Kumar T

Google launched its much awaited +1 button on June 1st. Ok. That is pretty old news.  Observations are that online community has welcomed the change and adapted to it without any delay. Well, nobody wants to afford the nasty monster – The Google page ranking fall issue!  Anyway, that’s something we need to keep a watch on and the results will be clear soon. For the rest of us, online marketing enthusiasts and web developer community with this latest release we have one more button for social sharing. Lot of buttons on a page do slow page downloading speed but benefits of social sharing overweigh the design issues anyway. So nevertheless we’ll have all of them which don’t really make an effort to do 3rd Party API call during runtime!Google +1

Google’s attempts to become social have been evident with its Google Buzz feature but that did not click very well even when it chose ubiquitous Gmail as a platform! Even when Google is more than just a search engine and offers versatile online services its efforts to penetrate social networking were a failure. This proves no matter who calls social media ‘a hype’, social media wave did transform people’s online behavior. Or shall we say, it was social networking?  Latest attempt from Google’s “this is pretty cool” or +1 button is much appealing. The beauty of this button lies in its simplicity just as Facebook’s “like” button and hence familiar to the social crowd.

What’s more to it? Now it has become easier for us to recommend the content to our contacts just as we do on the Facebook or twitter!

Who can see what we recommended by hitting this button?

  • Our Contact list in Gmail / Google Talk
  • People who follow us on Google Reader and Google Buzz
  • The ‘My Contacts’ group in Google Contacts

Now that sounds credible, useful and has a more personal touch than other social media. In fact we use Google differently than we use Social media for. There is a sense of urgency when we search for something rather than just randomly finding something of our interest on social networking sites. Then definitely this touch of trust and reference from a minuscule social network of our own will make the search engine more useful. As pointed out in the beginning this is going to affect the Search engine rankings. But again, if the search experience becomes more relevant, then why not? Afterall only useful content is meant to rule the web!

Do login to your Google account and press the +1 button if you like our posts!

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