How Social Media has Revolutionized Internet Marketing?


How Social Media has Revolutionized Internet Marketing?

Anil Kumar T
Social media like facebook, twitter, youtube play a huge role in brand promotion for businesses. The question is, how these influence Internet Marketing strategies to get the results cost effectively.

Before the popularity of social media as an Online marketing platform, developing business contacts was a time consuming process. Also keeping in touch with the customer base and keeping in track of current trends and requests was a tough task. Now all these need a professional social media expert for your firm!

In facebook, we can customize a message, add videos, post comments, pictures and can share information selectively with our network and include some quality backlinks! Similarly, many companies when start marketing on facebook also buy ad space for spreading the message. Twitter is another popular business to business marketing tool and companies utilize this platform by announcing positive changes, events, sales promotions, other relevant information etc. There is also a growing trend of using video social media. Commercial clips can be spread through YouTube and video blogs. In general, businesses try to control their online positive image with the social media.

In order to make the complete usage of social media businesses have to deliver the relevant information to their followers on any social network. Four essential tactics to build a reputed profile are given below:

1. Creating a Communication Channel: When you market your business you always target a specific audience and communicate with them. Even with the social media you have to open a conversation regarding your products or services so that your potential customers find it helpful, interesting and worth their time they spend online reading your message. It is important never to try hard selling. Adapt a customer oriented approach.

2. Deliver Quality Content in Your Messages: Content sells! Always deliver attractive copy of your message to your customers. They will keep a track of your messages hence brand recall value will increase.

3. Educate Customers, be a willing Participant in Social Causes: Build trust among your client base, educate them about your products or services. Build the credibility of your communication channel. Your customers will spread the word, will keep faith on your content and will be willing to work with you.

4. Create Links Which Can Travel a Long Way: When you try to include links in your messages do not force the viewers to click on them. Build the content around them such that they will not only read the whole message but also will also spread the video or information in their network without even asking for it. There are more chances that you will get many more followers to your profile page!

All the above said tips will increase the amount of traffic to your website through quality backlinks. Since social media provides steady traffic, this will increase required page visits for your Search Engine Optimization process. You not only get noticed from your target audience, with a well managed social media marketing campaign will also start receiving queries from potential customers who are willing to purchase your services in the future. Trick is that, build an intelligent Internet Marketing plan which can gain profit to your SEO efforts by properly executing it. Perseverance is highly recommended! :)

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