Improved Google Instant Search – AutoComplete Feature. Is SEO in threat?


Improved Google Instant Search – AutoComplete Feature. Is SEO in threat?

Anil Kumar T Recently Google announced more predictions on Google Instant through its improved autocomplete feature. Google Instant, since its inclusion in search engine has proved to be a boon for Google visitors. It accelerates the speed of search by suggesting the search phrases we are likely to enter and allows us to fine tune our search.

With its search feature Google can predict our intent and with every additional keystroke new list of most probable search phrases are displayed.

How does it achieved?

For Google, one way to accomplish this is by fetching the most popular searches on its search engine i.e. by considering ranking and website popularity. Ex: If a person enters “r-e-a-” Google will suggest “real player” “real Madrid” “real estate” etc. It is evident that, these are popular.

As an of late event at its labs, Bartlomiej Niechwiej, an engineer at Google wrote on Google’s  official website that with the improved autocomplete Google has accomplished one more milestone by its newest search experience by suggesting a query phrase that has not searched before.
Google Search Engine Optimization
A Little Note:  According to stats, Bing’s search success rate is 80% and Google’s 65%.  That is because Bing implemented “decision search” method as an answer to Google’s Instant. This method is smarter and anticipates what user wants. Whereas, Google’s “pure search” method concentrates on ranking and website popularity.  By this we can announce that “winner takes it all”. By that I mean, if a person types “no-“ and if that suggests “nokia” , that greatly helps in online marketing objective of brand recall value along with flowing volumes of traffic.  There is also a possibility of change in search behavior of any user. If he types a word and look for most feasible search suggestion, he might tend to keep on adding words until the most appropriate query pops up in the list. Well, I believe importance of “long tailed keywords” gets accentuated at this case. Because even if the user isn’t clear about his search goal in case of an undecided informational query, while he types on, he will get ideas instantly and can adjust his search accordingly.

Coming back to Google’s announcement, with its improved “autocomplete” feature, hope we can expect from Google a better experience as it has promised to suggest never- before -searched terms.

Let us shift from the user experience view to SEO view. Wondered how Google Instant will affect Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing?

After the implementation of Google Instant it is confirmed that it is very unlikely any user will look past second page of results for her query. And it surely implies to all SEO professionals that being on the first page is a necessity.

Rest assured that, Google Instant does not affect the ranking. Hence it doesn’t pose a threat to Search Engine Optimization practices and methods. Happy new search experience!

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