Internal Linking to Help with Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Internal Linking to Help with Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Anil Kumar T
Internal linking structure or navigational structure which is also termed as site architecture must be intelligently planned in order to be in compliance with guidelines set for better SEO results.
Below are some important points to consider:

1. Accessibility: It is always advisable to keep your web pages away from not more than two links. This will help the search spiders to index your pages easily.
2. Categorize Your Content: Keep a clear navigational menu; this will help spiders as well as human visitors. Categorizing your content into main menu and sub menu will build the relevancy and will boost the value of your website, which is an important aspect of internet marketing. Because, if you fail to convey your message well and in a user friendly way all your efforts will go in vain. Remember, online visitors have an attention span of a goldfish!
3. Don't Overdo the Linking! : If any of your web page contains links to the same page more than necessary times, this will look like spam. Do not make your visitors wonder. Keep your content short & simple, which requires fewer references.
4. Anchor Text Linking: Use relevant, highly targeted keywords in your internal links. Do not use words like "click here". Instead, keep your visitors informed on where the links take them. Ex: "Download design templates."
5. Meta Tags to Guide Search Spiders: By using robots.txt file you can guide bots on which are the important pages and this will remove the chances of indexing duplicate and irrelevant content. This method helps in increasing your ranking.
6. Broken Links Hurt! : Always keep a close look on broken links. It is important that all your web pages are error free. This will ensure the credibility of your site. Imagine the impact on your visitors when they landed on very important page on your website and they find the error message. Ecommerce websites must never fail in this aspect, if not- this sure will hurt their internet marketing strategy.
7. Add no-follow attribute: When you know some pages are not very important for your online marketing purpose, such as terms & condition, privacy policy add a "no follow" attribute! This will direct the bots to not to list those pages to avoid wasting the potential ranking power of your website!
8. Get rid of dangling links: You sure don't want search bots to crawl nowhere. Make sure there are no such dangling links which prove to be dead ends for both users and bots. In case if you find any, consider optimizing your internal link structure appropriately.
9. Importance of sitemap: Create a text sitemap and an XML sitemap. This will help the search engine spiders to index your web pages again when modifications have been made on your websites.
Finally, build a website which is user & SEO friendly, keeping the above simple tips in mind will surely build the website search engine friendly as well to help you make your Search Engine Optimization campaign successful.

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