Latest Updated Google Search Engine Optimization Techniques with Home Page Screenshot Previews


Latest Updated Google Search Engine Optimization Techniques with Home Page Screenshot Previews

Anil Kumar T The game’s over for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists. The game’s begun for SEO experts! The big daddy of all search engines, Google, has tweaked the rules of the game with home page screen shots in its search results. Professionals in internet marketing and social media optimization should roll up their sleeves and get wiser. For long, the grammar and logic of search engine optimization was founded on the sound concept that content is king. It remains, doubtless, for in the impersonal world of internet marketing, and even with the unique personalized edge added to social media optimization, content is indispensable. But trust Google to find a way.  Innovation? Simple, but devastating – that’s a simple definition of the home page screen shots it shows up in its search results for whatever you are interested in. Next time you search for something in Google, expect more – not just a list of ranking websites, but a screen shot of their home page.  This will significantly impact internet marketing and the way online businesses see and approach page rankings of their website, but if anyone is laughing all the way to the bank, it is the web designer. While content is king, design will now be the king maker! There is a lot of difference between reading and seeing. The former is a domain of the mind, while the latter is the domain of the eye. The battle for eyeballs is easier when compared to the battle for the mind space, and that’s exactly how Google has altered the dynamics of search engine optimization, internet marketing and social media optimization. People in internet marketing just as search engine optimization pros would appreciate that Google’s search for home page screen shots is an idea whose time has come. This is especially true if your dollar value is in Social Media Optimization for this is an emerging market where you get the first mover advantage with the help of a great attractively designed and appealing home page. All branding involves imagination, and therefore imagery, especially for Web 2.0 companies. A home page screen shot of your site when someone is searching for a product/service similar to you, with its visual appeal, to your heart and drives an emotional connect. The Instant Previews on Google search has many advantages that one realizes only on-the-go. It saves you that extra time displaying the most relevant section of the site, giving you the experience similar to flipping the pages in a magazine. It helps track the site you were looking for when all you remember is the company’s logo. All this has pushed the design element to the front end, as it could play a significant role in driving web traffic, and adding dollar value to internet marketing campaigns. The expert view is that this could alter the dynamics of the operation of click-through rates and AdWords. Now, colors, site layout, logo positions, will be critical in building landing pages. Ironically, the visual play could also be a great leveler, with low-ranking sites managing to get higher clicks compared to the higher-ranked sites. For SEO experts who are slow to adapt, this could queer the picture. Disruptive? Yes, but Web publishers have to go with the flow. After all, your site is dollar pursuit, and not just a passion play.

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