14 Tips for Best Way to use LinkedIn for Business


14 Tips for Best Way to use LinkedIn for Business

Anil Kumar T Looking for smart ways to use your LinkedIn profile? Keep on reading.

1. Complete Your Profile: Make sure that your profile is up to date and you have filled it for perfection. LinkedIn says if you have a 100% complete profile, your chances of getting found are 40% more than that of incomplete ones. A display picture is a must and at least 3 recommendations will boost the value of your profile for the apparent reason of building trust.

2. Use Widgets: If you have an active personal blog or twitter account by using widgets you can import content published on other platforms to be available for your LinkedIn connections. At the same time you can bring content that is inside your LinkedIn profile to other web media such as blogs, social networking sites, website etc. Examples of widgets: LinkedInABox, LinedIN Badge.

3. Polls as Excellent Market Research: You can measure consumer habits and newest trends easily using the polls feature. Ask poll questions and make use of the wisdom of millions of professionals of your industry. You can integrate these polls results with facebook, twitter or embed the voting module in your website or blog.

Social Media Marketing 4. Hidden Treasure - Question & Answer Feature: Under the “more” tab you will find a wealth of information on 22 different categories. You can ask or answer questions there and without a slightest hint, can promote your services by leveraging your expertise. You will not only get an idea on what other people in your industry are up to but also what your prospective customers are looking for. Look like an expert. Create a personal brand for the expertise your showcase!

5. Advertise your LinkedIn Profile: You want to be found that’s why you are on LinkedIn. Now to be found by people you are interested to build a network with isn’t left to mere coincidence. You have to work towards it by printing your LinkedIn URL on all marketing collaterals: website, blog, business cards, brochures, flyers, email newsletters also on email signature.

6. Join Groups: This is simple. But finding & joining groups is your job because LinkedIn doesn’t invite members to join your group. You have to invite people you think can be value adding members for the community you want to start about. “Groups” is always an excellent place to network with members of common interest, experience, affiliation and a common goal. You can start your own group too. Be certain that you always share only useful content.

7. Update your Status Frequently Enough: Being active on a social platform is important; make sure that you have an updated status message. Also integrate your status updates with other social media like facebook, twitter. I.e. update once and get published everywhere.

8. Double your Online Impact with Combined Social Media Approach: Whether your clients, colleagues are tweeting on twitter, posting on facebook ,commenting on blogs or simply forwarding YouTube videos if you are not a part of it maybe you are missing out on something. Whenever possible share the content or join the conversation by combining all the social media. That is, if a question is asked on twitter you can give a detailed answer on LinkedIn and give a link in twitter.

9. Make use of “search” Feature: Find people by their company name, city or industry. It can’t get easier than this. Also tell your contacts to introduce you to their contacts.

10. Thinking of hard selling techniques? : No, social media doesn’t work that way. Never promote your brand or products in a way that turns your prospects off.

11. Great Research Tool to Know about your Prospects: Do you know what your prospects want? LinkedIn can help you read their minds! Before you actually contact a prospect, spend some time knowing him, answer his queries, and get a complete insight on what are his business preferences. That sure saves you a lot of time in future process meanwhile you can get some expert points!

12. Ask your Happy Customers to Write Testimonials for you: You can request recommendations from your satisfied customers, as you know, that can gain you credibility as well as will boost your profile.

13. Look for Qualified Talent Pool: Post your job listings or if you want a job yourself you can look for connections related to a job you want.

14. We Got Even More:

a) If you are into product marketing then post about offers, discounts or deals.
b) Invite your expert connections to write a blog entry for you or to speak on an event.
c) Import contacts from other applications as well as export your contacts there to find more connections.
d) Give honest recommendations to your contacts.
e) Post your presentations using presentation application, list newsletters subscription information and archives.
f) Keep in touch with your LinkedIn contacts regularly, because maybe some of them are not actively present on the other media.
g) Try and schedule to meet your connections if you are in their city.
h) Make a set up to receive LinkedIn messages in your inbox so that you can answer them from there.
i) Link to articles posted on the web if they increase your credibility.
j) You may want to make use of LinkedIn direct ads service, you are sure to get quality traffic from your target market.
Not yet convinced of LinkedIn potential? EXPLORE IT. I am sure you will be convinced.