How to Market your Mobile Application?


How to Market your Mobile Application?

Anil Kumar T

How to market your mobile application

As the world watches the continued popularity of smartphones and tablets, so also we watch the growth and intensification of mobile apps. More than 600,000 mobile apps disappear in the market, and by disappear we mean they have not been updated and is left to fade out. It is becoming increasingly challenging for one app to outdo another app in this challenging market.

When there are more than a million apps in the market, how do you create attention around your app? How do you get your application to go viral with people appreciating your hard work? You need to spread the word on your app, how do you do it? We will tell you how. Follow the steps mentioned below religiously.

1.      Thorough research on the market

Keeping your aim, which is to create a buzz around your developed app, in focus remember to do a thorough research on the market. Study your competitors well and make notes on the success and failures regarding their position in the market. An extensive analysis on your competitors will help you in deciding what to do and what not to do in order to highlight your own.

2.      Have a detailed strategy planned

I think we all know that nothing ever works without proper planning and execution. Therefore it is necessary that you go about marketing your app systematically. Always ask yourself these questions!

  • Would I buy the app if it was sold to me?
  • How will I strategise the sales pitch?
  • If the market is saturated with the same concept, why not try a fusion of things and do the exact opposite of what the leader in the market is doing?
  • Prepare for a press release with the media. Make sure the press release is keyword heavy to improve the search engine visibility
  • Build a website for your app because that is where your potential customers will go to for more information on the app
  • To reach the top of the app store and to remain there you need to create a buzz on social media platforms in order to engage customers and attract downloads.
  • Be ACTIVE on Twitter. It is one platform that can help you grab the highest attention

3.      SEO or ASO

Achieve top app store rankings with App Store Optimisation (ASO), the key component to online success when combined with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is estimated that 60% of apps are searched organically and downloaded from the app stores. Therefore crucial importance should be given to app store description. Here are some tips to get started with ASO:

  • Identify the strong keywords that consumers are searching for
  • Optimize the title, description, and keywords for your app
  • Make sure you create high quality images and screenshots labeled with strong keywords
  • Utilize keywords that are not used in your app title
  • Keep descriptions brief. Use bullet points and short sentences to keep the reader engaged.

To conclude, there is no strategy that can guarantee a surefire step to success, but having said that if you follow the above mentioned steps it will surely make it easier for your mobile marketing efforts.

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