Importance of Meta description in Search Engine Optimization

Anil Kumar T

Your website is a great marketing tool. No matter how good you have designed it through your web designing company you need a good support thereafter through an SEO company to turn your intelligently designed website into a conversion tool. Meta elements are the basic informational tags in the HEAD tag of webpage code. Among […]


Website Design and Keyword Relevancy for the Successful SEO !!

Anil Kumar T

  For any internet business appropriate website design is the most important factor. Every page of the website should have a call to action element embedded which leads to its sales page. Following are the traits of a well equipped website. Pleasing to eyes design, descriptive content, well organized and easy to navigate pages and […]


Will Google+ and +1 change how web marketing functioned?

Anil Kumar T

Google’s CEO Larry Page recently announced Google+ stats:  10 Million Google+ users, over 1 billion items shared and received per day, also that G +1 button is being served 2.3 billion times per day. This is a remarkable milestone for Google+ project, though the usage and context of usage is more important and not the […]


Why you should not think about SEO without SMO?

Anil Kumar T

  You must be planning to improve your website visibility. You are on the right track if you are thinking of SEO Services for your website. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get your website into the eyes of the maximum number of viewers. But what if this amount can be quantified i.e.; […]


Google Plus for Better Social Networking?

Anil Kumar T

  The guessing on Google’s ‘Emerald Sea’ – the code name given to Google Plus project has been ended. After taking a closer look at Google Plus, no wonder it is a pretty good social network. As much it is social it looks yet more personal, imitating the real world relations and it seems like […]