How to Build SEO Friendly Flash Websites?

Anil Kumar T

  The universal fact that Search engines love text based websites more than the best looking Flash based websites makes it tough for both web designer and website owners to decide on whether it is alright to give in to search engine ranking drop penalty . Flash content is often weighty consisting of images, interactive […]


Google gone Social : Google +1 is pretty cool!

Anil Kumar T

Google launched its much awaited +1 button on June 1st. Ok. That is pretty old news.  Observations are that online community has welcomed the change and adapted to it without any delay. Well, nobody wants to afford the nasty monster – The Google page ranking fall issue!  Anyway, that’s something we need to keep a […]


14 Tips for Best Way to use LinkedIn for Business

Anil Kumar T

Looking for smart ways to use your LinkedIn profile? Keep on reading. 1. Complete Your Profile: Make sure that your profile is up to date and you have filled it for perfection. LinkedIn says if you have a 100% complete profile, your chances of getting found are 40% more than that of incomplete ones. A […]


Heard about Fresh Content Magic on Google? It’s an SEO myth!

Anil Kumar T

Search Engine Ranking depends on content. So you might have pondered on the following question- “what is the exact influence of content changes on my website’s ranking?” Now, let‘s directly state the truth. Fresh Content = Higher Google Ranking: IS an SEO myth..! What is fresh Content? Brushed up content on a page is not […]