Six Strategies to Strengthen your LinkedIn


Six Strategies to Strengthen your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking website helps to connect with working people. To connect in LinkedIn your designation doesn’t matter, anyone can connect with each other. Nearly 277 million people use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and various opportunities. LinkedIn helps you connect with your different contacts in the industry. It keeps you informed on your existing connections. LinkedIn helps you in finding new connections, prospective clients for your business, helps you achieve your goal, helps you to create and control your professional identity online. In LinkedIn you must have the mentality that you are there to build relationships. By building relationship you are also building influence for your company. It plays an important role in attracting leads for your business.  Let not people know that you are marketing your business in LinkedIn, you must handle you connections delicately so that it you develop a relation with your connections first then think about generating leads. You need to be constantly available for any queries in LinkedIn. Make your presence felt in LinkedIn. According to a recent study it takes about seven exposures before someone starts to pay attention to you. LinkedIn is a quick way to find content which is relevant to your targeted audience. Your LinkedIn profile must be up to date and create a rich profile which will attract people. Be very clear in your profession in the LinkedIn profile and to whom & how you can help others. LinkedIn in mails are the best way to reach people in the big companies. These email inboxes have notifications updates in them. LinkedIn has a self service ads program. It is an excellent way for the growth of your group by running ads to increase followers for the company page. This is inexpensive and is also very easy to test and administer it. The 6 ways to build your LinkedIn profile:
    1. Attractive profile, clear job description and perfect headshot: your LinkedIn profile must be detailed. You must fill out the summary section in a creative way which will highlight your experience; skills, additional info etc do not leave any detail empty. You should add your picture in the headshot in your LinkedIn profile. Make your profile public as many as people notice you on LinkedIn the better it is for you and your company. Your profile represents you, follow the rules of a perfect headshot and upload it. Upload current pictures of yours and make sure your face is clear in the image, dress professionally and keep it very simple. Your profile is the first impression anyone on LinkedIn will have of you, without even meeting you so make sure you use this opportunity and make your profile as attractive and clear as you can. Treat LinkedIn profile as you would treat your resume.

    2. Clear Professional background: your LinkedIn profile must be complete, clear and keyword optimized. Full out exactly what your profession is and your past profession, this should be keyword rich. Always use the keywords that are often used by people, which suit your job description. This will help recruiters and employers find you easily on LinkedIn. Fill out all the section in the summary. LinkedIn summary is the first and foremost information you are giving to others about yourself. This section is going to make an impression about you so make sure to give exact details about you. This summary has up to 2,000 characters to write about you. Use this as an opportunity to grab the recruiters/ employers attention and build their attention so that it pushes them to contact you.

    3. Upgrade your account: the reasons why you must upgrade your LinkedIn account are several. Here are a few-
    4. [caption id="attachment_825" align="alignright" width="300"]Six Strategies to Strengthen your LinkedIn Six Strategies to Strengthen your LinkedIn[/caption]
      a)    LinkedIn in mails- they are emails that are sent in LinkedIn, to anyone in your network and to others. A survey resulted that LinkedIn in mails are 30% more effective than other emails. These in mails are highly professional and are not spam emails. When you send an in mail it is known that you are a LinkedIn user and they can quickly go through your profile. If your profile is attractive and they are interested in you, they will contact you instantly. In LinkedIn if you do not get any reply from any person you have sent in mails to, then your account will be credited back. While sending an in mail keep your content clear and light. b)    LinkedIn profile organizer- it helps you do to research on LinkedIn, you can create folders and include profiles in them. This tool helps to make notes and add contact details visible to you on each profile. c)     The premium search filter- with this upgrade you can find the exact person you are looking for in less time. You are able to view their profile and contact them with an in mail. d)    LinkedIn profile per search- with this pro account you will get 1000 search results. The free version of LinkedIn limits you to only 100 results per search. This search is automated and LinkedIn pulls out the people within your network. For example your first, second and third connections. e)    LinkedIn saved search alerts- when someone on LinkedIn changes their job or joins LinkedIn and those people come under the certain type of people you have been searching on LinkedIn, and then LinkedIn sends you an email alerting you on such changes. f)      LinkedIn introduction requests- this is available in free accounts too, but with the upgraded version you can have 50 outstanding introductions at any one time. This tool on LinkedIn helps you to connect to the people you are not connected to and let you send your introduction. g)    LinkedIn profile stats- in this you can view who have viewed your profile, unless they are anonymous user. It allows you to know how people find you on LinkedIn. This tool lets you know what type of keyword people have used to find you. There are several other features like the expanded view, open link etc.
    5. Groups on LinkedIn: join groups and create several groups with your existing connections. Create groups with people in the relevant industry. These groups are helpful as they give insights on what is happening in the particular industry.
      Be active on LinkedIn groups, these groups are for members who share the same professional details in a specific industry or specific area of interest. These are infinite groups on LinkedIn for example there are groups for job seekers, alumni of a certain university, specific profession, specific designation etc. by being active in such groups you are building an influence for yourself and making new connections. If you are job seekers you might even get a job. While on LinkedIn groups do not try to advertise your business. Answer questions posted by other members, make sure the answers are right cross-check them as anything you put on net represents you. Be very cautious with your activities in these groups. You can even set up a poll or a debate etc to get the attention of the people towards you. Building influence on LinkedIn generally takes time, so be patient and careful with your words.

    6. Follow right companies on LinkedIn: LinkedIn group is a strategic intelligence tool which helps to gather information on the changes and developments of the company. The reason why people follow companies on LinkedIn are plenty, LinkedIn is a primary social media platform for business to business marketing. When you follow companies in LinkedIn, you allow a large group of people who are also following that company to get access to your profile and so do you get access to theirs. This makes it easy for many companies to have a large base of followers as it is crucial to build influence for any business. By having more and more people in the group it helps in increasing potential costumers of that company which increases the leads hence increasing the business of that company. LinkedIn companies help people to find jobs, by following companies you give a chance to the employers who are also following that company to view your profile.

    7. Pulse: pulse was acquired by LinkedIn on April 2013 for $90 million. It was earlier LinkedIn today. It is a good source of news for news readers. LinkedIn integrated with pulse to launch a new professional news reading site on mobile and desktop. Pulse still has few basis of LinkedIn today tile layout. Pulse is an interactive media where you can comment and like on the postings. Pulse helps you to share articles on LinkedIn, facebook and twitter. Your account on LinkedIn is synced to pulse so you can follow influences, follow channel or content and you will be updated when they post anything on pulse. Pulse is for not only informational purposes but with its tools it helps you to connect to a larger audience.