Twitter to Create a “Buy button” on its website for Online Shopping Ads


Twitter to Create a “Buy button” on its website for Online Shopping Ads

Anil Kumar T

With Christmas season coming in, people are buying a lot of goods online. Twitter and Facebook have come out with a plan that allows users to shop online on their sites. After months of testing, Twitter has launched a “buy button” for online purchasing on its site.

Facebook began testing the same “buy button” nearly two months before Twitter announced the same. Facebook earlier used to accept credit card payments from its online users for gaming and gift purchases.  But for Twitter this is the first biggest step into industry of e-commerce.


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"In some capacity, we’ve been working on it since day one that I’ve been here," Nathan Hubbard, the former Ticketmaster CEO who joined Twitter a year ago as its first head of commerce, told Mashable in an interview. "I think you've seen us do a lot very quietly over the past year that informs where we are today. There is a real-time component to Twitter that isn't replicated anywhere else. I think that lends itself to items with a temporal component... or anything with urgency," Hubbard says.

Twitter for its online transactions has partnered with Stripe which processes the transactions in just a few taps. It is also working with Musictoday, The Fancy and Gumroad. Hubbard said that If Twitter does a good job of connecting sellers and users, the monetization opportunities will be pretty clear.

Hubbard continues “This is a bit of an extension of our brand or direct response advertising business. What we want to understand is that there are specific products that will do better on Twitter... I’m not sure if someone is going to push the "buy button" for a vehicle, but someone may push order on a ride in real-time."