Why should I use Facebook for my business?


Why should I use Facebook for my business?

Anil Kumar T Why should I use Facebook for my business? Facebook for Bussiness

Facebook is social networking site designed to connect people, Facebook is considered as leading social networking site among other social networking sites. Facebook as over 1,110 million people use Facebook users

Below are points why should someone you use Facebook for business

It’s free!

Facebook fan pages are 100% free to set up and use. Business owner, it is important to take advantage of any free promotional opportunities that you can!

No Limitation

There is no limit on the number of fans you can have.

Targeted Audience

You can find right-targeted audience within geographical location or country.


You can find instant quality buyers through FB.


You can promote your products & services freely that to your targeted audience.

Specials Events & Webinars Promotions

Facebook fan pages are a great way to promote specials events or webinars that you are currently running, contests that are going on.

Helps Search Engines

Your Facebook page will get indexed quickly on search engines. Which is extra visibility for your business in search engines.

Parallel to your website

Facebook fan page can also act as parallel web page by show present products & services information with contact details.

Traffic Generator

Facebook page can generate huge traffic for your website.


Facebook fan pages are highly customizable; you can easily be able to used as a hub for business. Facebook page owners can add tabs for content that fans can access without ever leaving Facebook. Contests, newsletter sign ups, storefronts, and blog feeds are just a few examples of tabs that can be added in a matter of minutes.