Why you should not think about SEO without SMO?


Why you should not think about SEO without SMO?

Anil Kumar T   You must be planning to improve your website visibility. You are on the right track if you are thinking of SEO Services for your website. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get your website into the eyes of the maximum number of viewers. But what if this amount can be quantified i.e.; what if it can be seen by Thousands or more at a time? This is where SMO links with SEO. The Search Engine Optimization can give you multiple and targeted views whereas implementing Social Media Optimization in your web marketing strategy can accelerate the growth rate with the exponential speed. But all of this will take time.   In Internet marketing it is true that SEO services play a major role in boosting website ranking, building and maintaining online reputation .Generally marketers emphasize more on SEO. On search engines say Google, Yahoo or Bing your website gets natural listings through SEO without paying extra money. This is only one face of the coin. On the other side Social Media helps to reach maximum number of audience in the informational way because of the huge number of users on social networks. Even in social networks you can get targeted audience, e.g.: on LinkedIn you can reach to professionals, CEOs and CXOs of the companies, Orkut can be used to reach younger population, Facebook to reach mixed kind of population  and twitter for reaching up to unlimited followers. This is the biggest advantage of Social Media.  

SEO Services Company vs SMO

  According to the basic principle of marketing a Brand whether it stands for a product or a service is created by the people and identified by the people only. So no marketer can avoid the human factor in case of internet marketing too.  Hence the necessary step to take is to integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Social Media Optimization (SMO) activities. And this gives the best outcome when SEO and SMO go hand in hand, For example, once you post in your blog, it must be shared on the social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and other social networks, so that when a person gets the link of your website or blog article he will be able to check your website as well as blog post together. This builds trust among the viewers and if they see the continuity in your online activities, it can convert into reputation later on and you will be recognized as the expert in your domain. So you should always start by remembering that the most important value proposition and monetization opportunities that social media provides is to reach prospects and customers where they are and in the way they want to be reached.   Continuous online activity attracts the attention of prospects as today’s customers are smart enough to recognize the genuine and fake offerings quickly. And once if they find it genuine as per their requirement they’ll visit your website or blog repeatedly to find out your views on a particular topic and they may refer you to others as well and at the end of the day this is the main purpose of Social Media.  Hence in internet marketing SEO and SMO both work together so don’t miss the chance of loosing customers by avoiding one of them!!!!       

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