The Background

Cadabam is a mental health care centre for people who have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, personality disorder, alcohol dependence, drug addiction, dementia, autistics spectrum disorder and specific learning disability. This is an institution which helps out patients who are coping with mental problems. They have programs like psychiatric illnesses, De Addiction & intellectual and developmental disorder.


The Challenge

Cadabam’s is a well established organization in the mental health care field. It is Bangalore’s most prestigious treatment centre. They have their own website, and have a healthy flow of online visitors to it. Their visitors use keywords associated with the brand in the search engines. But they couldn’t achieve the targeted position in the search engine ranking. Competitor keywords are crucial and they should be ranked in the search engines. Our challenge was to target the right audience and increase their visitors from search engine.

To Target

People who was addicted to drugs and have psychiatric illnesses.

The Idea

Creating and developing interactive designs for their website which are search engine friendly. Once the website is interactive and well designed then the online audience coming from the search engines towards the website stay for longer on the page.

The Execution

Our team researched into Cadabam’s treatment and programs on what exactly they are offering to the healthcare Industry. Nearly 200 photos were integrated into their website and on Cadabam web page was recreated with a unique design. We installed a “Call to Action” to the page so that people with extreme issues would be provided with immediate relief.

We also refined their web page content and integrated keywords which successfully target the right audience. We optimized over 20 Keywords which are user friendly on Cadabam website so that it ranks on top of search engine.


In the period of 30-45 days the visitors doubled.

The Average Page views: 3.27 per Visits

Increased 66.41% page views

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