Take advantage of the vast display network and improve conversions with targeted advertising through AdWords

What do you really get from our Google Adwords Management Service?

We have loads of features which comes with our services and you can’t miss it !

Time Period Comparisons

Target demographic Ads

App Promotion Ads

google-remarketing-service you on display & search

Track your call

Closely monitor your callout extensions

Ad Customizers

Keyword density analysis

Analyze keyword frequency

Singular and plural keywords

Unique keyword bids

URL tracking

Landing pages creation

Google Analytics integration

Google Web master

What are the immediate benefits of AdWords?

  • Measurable results: Google AdWords is a completely transparent online advertising method that allows you to track conversions, click through rates impressions and so on.
  • High relevance: Adwords display ads are relevant to what the person is searching for. This way it has proven to deliver more targeted traffic to the relevant landing page than any other method.
  • Drive free traffic: When your ads appear regularly to web surfers it will help them remember, relate and revisit your brand. This way you avoid costs incurred when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Cost – effective: Pay-per-click means that you pay only when someone clicks on your Ad. However, you benefit from the thousands of free impressions
  • Better market standing: Make your Ads appear regularly over the web and your business will instantly look reputable to web surfers

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Soppnox is a Certified Google Adwords Expert

Advertise your business online using our tailored Google Advertising service. We work with Google AdWords for paid results and even offer SEO for organic results on Google search.

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Expect outstanding service from our Google AdWords and SEO experts. Our aim is to make your website visible and easily discoverable on Google no matter which platform is used. We work with a budget for your AdWords and make sure every penny spent is creating value for your business. You will also gain direct access to your unique Google AdWords account to track progress. All our activities are legal and follow the rules laid out by the government of the country we operate in. We designate our qualified and experienced team to handle each campaign that we undertake. Soppnox understands how to advertise for the best exposure of your website on Google.

What will be our responsibility?
Soppnox is a full service Google Advertising provider that provides customized campaigns to deliver the best results. Our service includes:

- Creation of all accounts on Google (AdWords, Adsense etc.)
- Monitoring of Ad’s using various analytical tools
- Efficient budget management and allocation
- Regular performance reports for every campaign
- Setting up Google analytics & online dashboard for analysis
- Tracking conversions, offering guidance and advice on marketing strategies and content

How can we achieve the results for you?

We work on 4 key areas to get the most out of our campaigning. They are:

We set up a custom ad campaign using the right keywords. The campaign is modified for targeting as and when necessary. Bidding for the Ads is managed and daily limits are taken care of. We also regularly monitor, evaluate and optimize the campaign.

Here we prepare a strategy for placement selection, geo targeting, timing etc. The campaign is monitored closely to make room for changes and targeting issues.

List preparation, management, strategy development, analysis and timely implementation are some of the tasks in this process.

Product feeds, campaign setup and implementation, managing the bids, analysis and optimization are all taken care of for maximum exposure.

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