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What does it achieve?

Facebook Ads allow you to promote an app, website, product, an event or simply encourage people to “Like” your Facebook page. The key to they’re success is targeting the right people and finding a hook that people will react to. Types of Ads include Facebook Ad, Sponsored Story, Promoted Post, Facebook Offers and Facebook Leadgen.

  • Strategize: We develop a long-term strategy that has measurable KPIs. We’ll also decide what type of Facebook advertising is right for your campaign, including whether you use PPC or CPM
  • Ad creation: Then we build an impressive and appealing Facebook advertisement for you that is eye catching, promote viewer engagement and brand awareness
  • Audience targeting: The campaign will target your audience based on age, location, interests and activities, guaranteeing you better response rates
  • Implementation: Once approved we will implement the Ad, making regular adjustments to boost results
  • Budget control: We manage your budget to make sure you spend wisely and save
  • Monthly reporting: To make sure your ad campaign is going smoothly, we’ll provide you with monthly reports tracking its progress and recommendations

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Build a powerful marketing strategy for Facebook Advertising with Soppnox

Advertising on the most popular social media platform like Facebook is never a bad idea. Figures indicate that almost 89% of ads on Facebook reach their intended audience. Given the huge user base of Facebook, you are surely going to benefit from added exposure, publicity and conversions when you advertise on Facebook.

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How does it work?
An advert is first created and then implemented. Your ad is then shown to a specific group of people who may be interested in your business. Good content and imagery can get you likes, shares and comments. When people take these actions, their friend’s see the ad and it makes your ad stronger. There is also an option to boost the posts on your page and expand your audience. Facebook ads help you reach a targeted audience better than most platforms.

Why us?
Soppnox is a leading Facebook advertising agency. Our social media experts are specially trained on various social media platforms. Here are a few reasons that will compel you that we are the top Facebook advertising agency in the market.

- Ad formats can be confusing. We help you choose the right ad format and handle the targeting, bidding and placements of your ads to allow you to achieve your goals.
- The ads are monitored regularly to check that they are operating as desired. We optimize them to reach your target audience if they seem to be faltering.
- We provide a comprehensive report detailing the progress of your ad campaign. It is available anytime and part of our policy to keep the process as transparent as possible.
- Our support team is first class. They are the friendliest and accommodating bunch of people you will ever meet. They are available on call or online whenever you need them.

Advertising on Facebook is definitely a must for brands and businesses that have customers who use these mediums to communicate regularly. It will only help you achieve your business outcomes in the long run. If your brand is visible and liked by many on Facebook then, more customers will be attracted to you. It is simple and easy to advertise on Facebook with us. So, take the plunge and enter the world of unlimited possibilities.

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