Written Test

Our interview process starts with a small aptitude test where you are tested for your overall knowledge on a given assignment. The test may take anywhere between an hour or two to complete.

Initial Round of Interview

We will then sit down for a chat regarding the position and assess whether you fit the job profile. The interview will include some technical questions to gauge your decison making skills.

Background Check

After we have short listed you for the position, we will conduct a quick background verification of your employment history. This will include going through your previous salary slips, refererences etc. Don’t worry, we are only making sure you did not fabricate any information about yourself.

Cheers! You're Hired

If you make the cut, we will send you an offer letter via E-mail. We will also brief you on the working agreement and a description on the policies, mode of communications, procedures and culture followed by the company. You will then be introduced to the team, supervisor and/or manager. The IT team will provide you with a custom email id so, don’t forget to check your inbox!
Happy to have you on the Soppnox team

If you want to join our (almost) awesome team