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SEO Services India

The name says it all the growth of internet as media and growing websites has created enough complexities of being identified in online. Though it has given complexities it has also given way for lot of opportunities for organizations to create revenues. Though there is huge potential of revenue, every organization needs to tap this with a proper strategy by understanding the complexities of technology and strategy to be present when search happens. Understanding the end user and his behavior of search to find his requirements is always a complex process.

SEO Company India

This complex process is what we like in solving for our clients, its not just getting few key words and submissions its much and way beyond this.

  • SEO Audit Report
  • On page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Analytics reporting

These are the mantra’s we specialize to create values for our clients giving proper strategy, direction and being searched in this world wide web world to tap the revenue potential available in this online media world.

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Below are the few important points which analytics can give you

Traffic sources:

Search Engine Optimization Growth can see on Analytics

When someone comes to your website from any source its important to know from which sources he/she had come because by seeing the source you can plan your campaigns in future.

Bounce rate

SEO will help to decrease bounce rate

Bounce rate is percentage of visitor who visit your website & leaves immediately after seeing your first page its key see very visitor will stay for longer duration by the help of analytics you can do this. Lower bounce rate with more duration visit tells you that the website is useful & valuable

Landing Page Optimization:

Landing Page Optimization for Search Engine Optimization to increase conversion

After visitor lands to your web page its important to know his/her enter to exist page its required to understand you prospects interest on your offering & which page as acquired there interest. You can also start working on those pages, which has less viewer duration.



SEO Conversion Measurement for ROI

It’s important to know what is the ROI when you start working your Internet marketing campaigns when visitor come to your website & takes measurable step by sending you can enquiry or signup news letter & soon its called conversion measuring you conversation can be done by your analytics

Geographic’s & browser compatibility

Browser Compatibility

By just giving every day 10 mins of your time you can even understand from where your targeted prospects are coming I mean from which country, state , city & so on not only that you even understand from which browser they are using to reach your website by this you can see that your website is working properly on those browsers.


Below are the best practices every SEO company should use to see effective search results on SEO services.

Day to day search engines are getting more smarter & intelligent so if you want to see good SEO results then need to work very smart. Below are the few major SEO factors you need to keep in mind when you start working on SEO services for your business. Contact us for SEO Services in Bangalore, India. We do only white hat SEO techniques.


Keywords research:

Keyword Research to Get Targeted Traffic

Keywords are the mantra to see best SEO results. Picking the right keywords is the key to success if you go wrong here then all your efforts go waste. After choosing the right keywords using this keywords is also very important because after the Google updated with Penguin using more keywords in the same page its called keywords stuffing according to recent update its called black hat technique.


Responsive website:

Responsive Web Designing for To target All Users

Every day more mobile, tablet & other handy user are increasing & the users are accessing internet using this devices henceforth this is one of the primary reason why we need to have responsive web design (one website for many devices) Secondary Google prefers to crawl speedy & responsive websites when some one search any query in the search box, for all these reasons, responsive website is the better option than having a separate, mobile site.


Best web Navigation:

Website Navigation

Good navigation will get better conversation because Search engines identify links quickly User stay for longer duration Google gives more value for internal linking Ex:(Wikipedia) Helps you rank on top


Content optimization:

keyword rich Fresh Content is King of Search Engine Optimization

Content is king in search engine optimization & content is key to your success. Google can only understand web content & all results are based on the content you have to position your content in proper manner to see the best results.

Conversion Ratio Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Every company / Individual wants to be present on internet, was the rule when internet was germinating, today its about where am I present on internet, how am I present and what revenue am I generating from internet is the requirement today.

The presence on internet is passe, today its more than that as the growth in internet users has also given rise to lot of opportunities but at same time makes it too difficult to understand their behavior, needs & requirements.

Having website, facebook page, youtube, doing SEO, SMM, and lot of other things like giving your website links in radio advertising / TV / Print or having QR code all this is done to bring in traffic to your website.

The people who come to your website are from various backgrounds having various needs, so the next question is have you reached your goal by getting traffic to your website, then comes the next question how good is the traffic that has come to you, to some extent you can understand in terms of time spent on your website, which page has more traffic and more time spent these would give you insights on what is being liked on your site

Generating traffic by using various aspects mentioned above will drive people to visit but once when they visit are you ready to grab their attention and ensure that the people who come to your site shouldn’t just disappear by visiting one page. To ensure the stickiness on the website which would entice the user to send inquiry should be the main aim of every company.

Once on receiving inquiry or lead is where the next level of converting the lead to conversion fall in, but this is end process the process before this is to ensure that content on website needs to be in place and sync with what your visitors to the website are looking.

With 1000 people coming in and you getting only one lead generation is clear warning signal that things are wrong with either the content / offering / appearance / clarity of your communication and navigation or either your efforts of bringing traffic is from wrong sources.

This check gives you clarity about your presence and interaction with correct target group needs to be rectified.

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